Is wifi unlocker will work with any wifi network ?
Perhaps you are wondering whether this application as wifi unlocker will work with any wifi network , in other words, whether it will be able to recover your password to any wifi network . The program will only work with the networks to which you have access , ie those for which we know the password, which is stored in the file system . In this way it is possible to recover the password to the wifi network . Such programs check the cache to recover lost passwords. It is not possible in order to gain access to other wifi networks . So as you can see these programs are completely safe for their intended use and very helpful. Some people mistakenly think that with this type of programs they manage to break the security to other wifi network , which was once previously had no access . You should also realize that any attempt to access other wifi networks are subject to criminal sanction .

Is it possible to recover the password to the wifi network in windows ?

If you accidentally lose or forget our password to wifi , it’s not happening because we can make them in a very easy way to recover .

How to recover unused long password to the wireless network , for example if you want to connect a second computer or mobile WiFi ? See two very simple ways in which early as one minute you can read the password for WiFi … step by step …
The first method is simple and fast. It allows to preview the password for the wireless network if I ever introduced them to the computer and now he can not remember .
The second method is to use a simple program - also show step by step how to check the password …

  1. We go to the Start menu and select Control Panel
  2. On the Network and Internet select Network and Sharing Center
  3. Open Manage Wireless Networks where he displays all saved wireless networks ( which in the past have joined )
  4. Double-click the name of the network , the password you want to read
  5. In the window that pops up click on the Security tab , where you can already see the network security key (password ) hidden under the ” dots “
  6. Select the following option Show characters , and we ‘re treated to a WiFi password

The second method using a simple and convenient program :

  1. We go to the page . Select the Tools tab Pasword located in the left column.
  2. Among the listed links to choose programs WirelessKeyView
  3. Download a program , saving anywhere on the disk.
  4. Extract the contents - the application does not require installation.
  5. Run the file WirelessKeyView.exe . It will display all stored network access with passwords . Ready!

The program does not require any configuration or technical knowledge. The data on the network can use it to be easily copied to a notepad or immediately transferred to the network adapter settings .